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Claire came to see us shortly after we had supplied and fitted a custom painted OPEN U.P. to her husband. She was interested in a similar type of bike that could work as a road bike and gravel bike and excel at both.


After running her through our Clinical Bike Fit™ protocol, we took her XY dimensions and ran it through our frame finder software to see which production bikes would be suitable. We were so amazed at the result that we had to post a screen cap on Instagram. It had searched over 5000 bikes and not one would fit her correctly!


It was obvious we were going to build something for her and after working on the geometry to offer the best combination of weight distribution, steering accuracy all day ride comfort, we then turned to the likely combinations of component spec. It had to be able to take Di2 in both 2x11 and 1x11 and handle larger tyres whilst still offering clearance for mud etc.


We decided to also fit hidden mudguard eyes to allow use as a winter bike on the road. Discs were an obvious choice and we decided to route all cables internally. Given that T47 BBs were not commonly available at the time of building we decided to make our own BSC BB with internal channels to allow the hydraulic hose and Di2 cables to run through and not snag the 30mm axle.


Claire went to see our regular painter, Tim Cox at TJC Design here in Bristol, to decide on the paint scheme. A Purple lacquer over silver base was decided upon. Claire wanted to use our Velo Atelier logo instead of the usual Meteor Works brand and we were happy to oblige.

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