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road bike

Alice is a talented Osteopath and an ex GB talent squad member. She wanted to move over to a lightweight steel frame from the old carbon team bike she had been using for years.


we started with a full fit at our studio, Velo Atelier, to ensure her position was correct. Her personal geometry was then designed and I selected the tubing to match  her weight and riding style.


We went as light as possible on most of the tubes whilst retaining some stiffness in the lower portion of the bike so that it would react to every input of energy.


We took advantage of the new Campy groupset and popped on some stiff and super light wheels.


Paint was subtle to reflect one of Alices favorite jerseys. It may look black but get it outside and you can see that the frame glistens as it is actually dark metalic green. The Green flourishes are bare metal with Candy Green over the top.

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