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A bespoke bicycle is a joy to ride. You know that the bike you are riding is unique, original and that you had a hand in bringing it to life. We believe that the experience of having your own bicycle built for you should be a memorable and pleasurable experience. Just like the planning of a journey being an integral part of the experience. We follow a simple process to ensure that we build you a bike that meets all of your needs as well as fulfilling your desires.





It all starts with a consultation and fitting. Here we discuss your riding style, aspirations and the purpose of the bicycle. We measure flexibility, core strength and look at your current riding position. We then take measurements of your skeletal structure and musculature. We also discuss what components you require for your complete bike so that we can design your frame to suit. At this stage if you wish to proceed we take a small deposit and start the design process. 
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We meet again to check the geometry using our size-bike, set up to match your bike position and the geometry required for your bespoke bike. If you want some minor adjustments we can normally alter this during the meeting. Your tube-set is ordered and the build begins. You are welcome to come to the workshop to view your frame as it undertakes its journey, and we will send you photos of each stage of the build. Once your build is complete and back from paint, we start the Pro-Bike-Build, which you are welcome to attend to see your dream become reality.


We keep your measurements on file so that, should you want another frame in the future, we don’t necessarily have to re-measure you and an order could be taken over the phone or email.

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