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- Custom Paint -

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You don't have to buy one of our bespoke frames to benefit from our custom painting services. 

If you want to reinvigorate your existing bike or purchase a frame from one of our approved partners such as OPEN bikes, and have it custom painted before being built up by our pro mechanic, we have your needs covered.


Custom Painted Frame and forks - From £450*

Custom Painted Stem - From £120*

Other services you may need:

Strip bike down to frame - £100

Media Blast Frame to strip old paint off - Metal frames £80 - Carbon frames £350

Pro Bike build - £300 (excluding parts such as new cables)

*Exact price depends on complexity of design.


We start by discussing you ideas and come up with a design. If you don't have a firm concept and would like us to design your paint scheme then that is no problem.

Once the design is agreed we take a 50% deposit and start the paintwork.

Your parts will be prepared for paint by media blasting them to get rid of any unwanted paint and surface greases. For carbon frames we use a special salt blasting process which doesn't damage the delicate carbon structure.

Your parts will then be primed with an epoxy primer to provide a good chemical and mechanical bond for the paint. Your scheme will be applied via various coats of paint and then sealed with a high solids 2K automotive clear coat to provide protection for your design.We then let the frame cure for 1 week to ensure the clear coat has fully hardened. Once this is cut, buffed and polished the frame is ready for rebuilding.

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