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nigel's road disc

This bike has been in gestation for a couple of years. 

We built Nigel and his wife, Vic, Meteor Works Custom Adventure bikes a few years ago, which they have been loving. Nigel decided it was time to swap out his carbon road bikes for a nice comfortable steel frame. 

We designed the geometry based on Nigels fit, which we have worked on for several years. The components was a eclectic mix of Shimano Di2, simple to maintain Juin disc brakes and Nigels much loved SRM power meter.

The paint scheme was the bit that took the most thought and effort though. Nigel wanted it to be a commemoration of his friend, Mark Easy, who had recently passed away. Mark was a talented artist and we were sent a piece of his original pottery to use for inspiration along with details of a tattoo he had.

We would like to think we have created a fitting tribute to Mark which Nigel can use to celebrate his life on every ride.

In Nigels own words


Mark was a Brand & Design manager at Cambridge Consulting, he studied design in Norwich at what is now the Norwich University of the Arts. He took up pottery after his stage 4 prostate cancer diagnosis in.


I think it really helped to have this to occupy his mind with all the other stuff that was going on. He was really good at it which kind of summed him up.  The Icelandic tattoo that both he & Cal had came about after a trip to the island for a holiday a few years back.


He also used volcanic dust in some of his glaze!


After Mark passed away I put the bike on hold because I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with it & couldn’t decide on the paint scheme but I kept coming back to the sake set that Mark made & I just loved the burnt orange glaze with the grey & that’s what I settled on.


After a few design disasters of my own that Mark never let me forget (the Nike trainers 🤦🏻‍♂️) I left the detail to Lee rather than torture myself…"

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