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the rover

Only 50 Available


The geometry of each frame is designed to be responsive yet comfortable. The bike will be equally adept at short city commutes and all day credit card touring.


Each frame is fitted to you to ensure that the ride is as comfortable as it is stylish. You will be measured before we build the frame, so we can design the size around your specific bio-mechanics.


Once your bicycle is complete, you will receive a complimentary Bike-fit at the Velo Atelier® Bicycle Studio, the foremost Clinical Bike-fitters.


Reynolds Tubing

On the limited edition Meteor Works® bicycle we use the premier 953 stainless steel tubing from Reynolds of Birmingham.


For well over a century, Reynolds products have been at the forefront of cycling design and engineering, helping manufacturers and cyclists continually push the boundaries of performance.


Reynolds famous numbered decals are recognised across the world as a marque of quality and prestige on many types of cycle, as well as other products including ice skates and sports cars.


Low Maintenance

To keep you in the saddle rather than maintaining your bicycle we have designed the frame and components to work together seamlessly.


There are lots of little touches, like the internal cable routing, which should provide faultless shifting and braking from one scheduled service to the next, keeping the elements away from the inner cables.


For the Longer Rides

When you feel like taking on an adventure and travelling further afield, the frame design has you covered.


With three sets of bottle mounts you can carry plenty of beverages or add on accessories without sacrificing your water bottles.


Modern Classic

We have worked hard to maintain a stylish aesthetic throughout the design but look a little harder and you will see that the most up to date technologies have been utilised.


Take the crankset for instance - our proprietary 2 piece crank has a 24mm through-axle for torsional stiffness and efficient power transfer.


The chain guard also doubles as a spider for the chainring. This enables us to fit a greater variation of chainring, to suit the style of riding or natural terrain in your region.


Hub Gears

The robust and dependable Sturmey Archer 8 speed hub gears are used on this edition of the bicycle. Giving a wide spread of gear ratios as well as simple to use gear changes, there is a reason why Sturmey has lead the world with its range of hub gears since 1902.


Hub gears have been used for their ease of use and minimal maintenance. Just shift at the bar mounted lever and the gear is changed. No need to pedal, so the shift can be made once you have stopped, rather than having to shift down, whilst also braking to a halt.


With the kind permission of Sturmey Archer, Meteor Works have redesigned the hub shells to allow 32 hole spoke lacing as well as match the aesthetic design palette.


Hub Brakes

Hub brakes provide simple hassle free operation, easy adjustment as well as low maintenance. Being encapsulated from the elements means they work just as well in the wet!


We have styled the reliable Sturmey Archer hub brakes, as a homage to the beautiful designs seen on pre-65 British motorbikes, such as the BSA Rocket Gold Star.


Dynamo Hub

This edition comes complete with a Sturmey Archer by Meteor Works® Dynamo hub which runs both the front and rear lights.


A USB charger is also available as an option, so you can keep your GPS or Smart phone running even on those longer adventures.


Brooks England

What else would you fit to a bicycle such as this but a Brooks Saddle.


Made in Birmingham by the skilled and passionate team at Brooks, this saddle could last you a lifetime if properly maintained.


We have opted for the Swift with Titanium rails and each saddle can be individually tattooed to make it totally unique to you.


Integrated rack

To give you scope to travel further we have customised the classic hammered aluminium mudguards to integrate a small carrying platform.  Stainless steel stays provide robust support whilst also stabilising the mudguard to prevent any annoying rubbing.


Integrated lighting

To exploit the power generated at the dynamo, we have fitted energy efficient LED lights at the front and rear, giving you the ability to

 have your lights on at all times without having to worry about

batteries, increasing your visibility.


Tubeless Wheelset

In an effort to make this edition as simple and hassle free as possible we have used our proprietary tubeless rims and tyres.


Like classic touring bikes from the 20s, we have designed the frame and forks around 650b tyres. These give the same outer diameter as 700c road bike wheels, but with a much higher tyre volume.  This provides both better comfort and grip, allowing your bicycle to be ridden in a variety of terrains, from towpaths and tracks to potholed city streets.


 Tubeless tyres are less prone to punctures.  There is no tube to pinch and the liquid latex inside the tube seals small holes as you ride.


Finishing Kit

We hand polish every component to provide a flawless finish. This process serves as an additional quality control on all parts, as we are able to check for any small deviations or imperfections prior to fitting.


We use electro etching rather than chemical etching, safeguarding us from using noxious acids and chemicals that are harmful to the environment.


Your Third Contact Point

Our track style pedals come complete with ceramic bearings and titanium axles. Yes, they are light weight, but the primary reason for their selection, is hard-wearing properties, lack of corrosion and longevity of use.


We can supply the pedals with full or half toeclips, complete with hand stitched leather covers to prevent any scuffs on your shoes.

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