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Trystan's fast everyday bike

We first met Trystan when he came in for a bike fit at our bike studio, Velo Atelier. We got talking about the perfect bike for his long daily commute and the weekend shenanigans he did.

We decided to build a nice compliment road frame from Reynolds 631 Air Hardening tubing to give great compromise between light weight and enough robustness to cope with the daily rigours of his commute.

Discs were the obvious choice and on mechanical group sets I believe the Campagnolo discs are the best, so we went with the new H2 Potenza group.

trying to keep a british theme going alongside the tubing we opted for a BROOKS Saddle and HOPE hubs, which I handbill into a set of the light and strong DTSwiss rims.

The paint scheme came about after much back and forth. The scheme we settled on is a tribute to the away kit from Trystan's favourite football team, West Bromiwich Albion. We also added the little Warwickshire Bear logo at Trystan's request, to celebrate the fact this bike was designed, built and painted in the Shire.

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